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‘Relationships’ most important part of CRM

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Relationships have been described as the “most important” aspect of CRM, organizations have been told.

Neil Rosen, founder and chief executive officer of eWayDirect, has claimed that understanding and responding to customer needs is vital for business success.

“Only then can marketers become part of the established customers' purchasing decisions early in the buying process,” he noted in an article for DM News.

Mr Rosen explains that ultimately marketing success is dependent on whether companies are able to gain trust on the part of the consumer.

“Once trust is established, customers see that the marketer has his best interests at heart, and in turn he will trust the marketer's recommendations, campaigns and other outreach,” the founder of the online marketing solutions and services company added.

It follows a recent report from Small Business Computing that suggested developments within the market mean that organizations have picked the ideal time to look at investment options in CRM.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler