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Research shows that workers put company data at risk

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New figures have revealed that a worrying number of office workers put work-related data at risk whilst working off-site.

According to research released today by Fasthosts Internet Ltd, some 37 per cent have taken risks with work-related data or documents, such as using personal or home computers, or taking a slack approach to data security whilst outside of the office.

The news could prompt a number to firms to look at improving their data management security in order to avoid facing any issues related to data loss.

Indeed, the study reveals that while just 15 per cent of workers know they have lost data, 37 per cent admit they have cut-corners and put company information at unnecessary risk while away from the office.

Steve Holford, marketing director at the firm, said: "Businesses can make the mistake of viewing data security as an on-site issue.

"Firms should identify how their staff transfer and handle business documents outside of the work-place and minimize the risks by providing them with clear advice and a secure and easy to use solution for handling the data."