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Residents fight for own ZIP Code

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents of the town of Pelham, Massachussets, are calling for a new ZIP Code.

The town said that the current system, where they use district codes from the nearby Amherst and Belchertown, leads to problems with mail delivery and a loss of tax revenues for the area, according to the Amherst Bulletin.

Residents in the southern part of the town use the Belchertown ZIP Code of 01007, whereas those in the northern half share the 01002 code with nearby Amherst.

Tom Hartman, a resident of the town, who started the push for the area's autonomy, told the local news source that the town's residents often find it difficult to order products from catalogues or online as deliverymen will search for their homes in the wrong town.

He added: "Us not having a zip code causes some bit of grief because sometimes people look for Amherst Road in Amherst, and it simply doesn't exist. The bigger issue is we have people paying excise taxes in the wrong town. I have talked to several people who are paying excise taxes in the wrong town."

In the last national census in 2000, the town was found to contain 1,403 residents.