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Restaurants encouraged to utilize direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Restaurants looking to improve their marketing programs have been told that direct mail is the perfect medium to complement their business, reported.

This is according to PostcardMania, which claims that whatever the size of an organization, direct mail works as a customer communication method because it effectively raises brand awareness.

"Restaurants are setup perfectly for direct mail," Joy Gendusa, founder and chief executive officer of the firm, told the news provider. "Direct mail is all about consistency and restaurants need consistent patronage to succeed, so it's really ideal for them."

She added that the key to success is to raise local awareness and "create a need".

According to the United States Post Office, profitability of marketing campaigns is increased by as much as 20 per cent when direct mail is used in conjunction with all marketing initiatives.

Meanwhile, Resource Nation website recently reminded organizations about the importance of correctly targeting consumers in their direct mail campaigns.

Posted by Paul Newman