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Retailers and marketers looking to big data for customer insight

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Since the proliferation of online and now mobile shopping, brick-and-mortar businesses have been wary about their futures. Instead of having to drive downtown, park and purchase items in person, customers can turn to the internet to compare prices and make payments for products that will be delivered straight to their doors.

Big data may be a game changer for brick-and-mortar businesses, according to Time magazine. Retail businesses are now installing cameras and using loyalty programs to collect customer data that can help them make better marketing decisions. They may even be at more of an advantage than their web-based counterparts because in-store shoppers tend to perform a much wider array of behaviors.

This information will only be helpful if companies know how to use it, Forbes points out. There are some concerns that marketing teams are too eager about the possibilities of big data, and they might be diving in head first without adequate assistance from IT teams.

If this is the case, many businesses may end up suffering from data quality issues, since analytics are only advantageous if users can understand the findings quickly and easily, Business Insider explains. Without the proper organization, the systems can become decentralized and prove ineffective.