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Retailers 'must show a more generous side in 2011'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The New Year is likely to bring with it a change in the way in which online retail sites conduct their business, it has been reported.

According to an article by, independent trend firm TrendWatching has claimed that 2011 will be about far more than just "selling and taking" when it comes to how companies use the internet to keep in touch with their customers.

The body said that donating to causes and to charities is likely to become an important aspect of many organizations' marketing and digital strategy.

In addition, the news provider reported that the environment is set to become a more important factor for e-commerce websites.

"One of the most important internet trends expected to take off in 2011 is a growing number of major businesses, brands and entrepreneurs that will have to display a more generous side, in order to retain the loyalty of their customer base," the website explained.

"E-commerce companies are taking environmental considerations to heart, in order to develop products that consumers can use with a clean conscience."

Posted by Paul Newman