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Retailers offered advice on protecting data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
With many high-profile data security breaches taking place in the last few months, the pressure to protect customers' information is becoming more paramount.

Gary Palgon, vice president of product management at nuBridges, offered advice on keeping data safe in an article for the Integrated Solutions for Retailers website.

He warned that since many cybercriminals are opportunistic in their attacks, all angles need to be covered, including point-of-sale, company databases and all shipping and administrative applications that deal with customers' credit card information.

However, Mr Palgon argued that there are many ways in which companies can shield customer information in a cost-effective and non-intrusive way.

He said: "By implementing the right technology and well-honed data security best practices, retailers can - and do - keep valuable customer data out of the hands of thieves."

Mr Palgon also advised using "secure data in applications and databases using strong encryption, key management and tokenization" as well as complying with the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard in order to maximize effectiveness.

Earlier this year, president Barack Obama announced plans to appoint a 'Cyber Czar' to combat the growing threat of cybercriminals in the US.