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Retailers urged to consider their email marketing options

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing is a highly efficient way of optimizing your marketing output - if it is done correctly.

Riaz Kanani, marketing director at Alchemy Worx, suggests that email allows retailers to reach more people with less outlay than any other marketing medium.

Despite what many people think, the expert continues, email marketing has far from reached saturation point; a study by the Direct Marketing Association reveals that more than 60 per cent of customers subscribe to email updates from ten brands or less, with half getting only three emails a day from these firms.

Of course, how effective the email is at generating sales depends on the content, and Ms Kanani says it is important to grab the attention.

"People make a quick but conscious decision as to whether they want to read, save or delete an email message and in that split second, businesses have an opportunity," she added.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler