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Review emails boost revenue for businesses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers may be keen to purchase some email address verification software following the recent comments from one expert.

Loren McDonald, vice-president of industry relations company Silverpop, explained that post purchase emails can help to drive further revenue growth.

Writing for DM News, the industry expert highlights the effectiveness of collecting data relating to customer satisfaction, product reviews, recommendations and upgrade opportunities.

"Once consumers make a purchase, triggered e-mails such as purchase confirmations and shipping updates usually follow," Ms McDonald explains.

"These are all very important in a successful CRM and e-mail marketing program. However, more sophisticated post-purchase messages can turn existing customers into brand ambassadors and drive significant incremental revenue."

Although adding these follow-up emails to your marketing program requires a higher "level of sophistication" most online retailers are already set up to implement them.

Indeed, Ms McDonald noted that while the additional revenue gained from upgrading might seem obvious, purchase review emails can lead to significant incremental revenue.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler