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Right strategies should allay cloud computing security fears

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Having the appropriate strategies in place is key for businesses with concerns about cloud computing.

Security and reliability have widely been regarded as the chief concerns for businesses when it comes to implementing a cloud computing strategy.

However, the benefits in terms of not needing to purchase additional hardware, additional flexibility and the opportunity to profit from cheaper and more efficient IT are leaving businesses with a decision to make.

Speaking to, Mark Andrews, head of IT at Park Cakes, feels that security concerns should be manageable if businesses take the right steps in relation to the tightness of their controls.

He said: "There should be no issue with security around cloud computing if the correct security strategy and policies are in place."

Andy Cordial, the managing director of Origin Storage, recently suggested that businesses could encounter security issues if they hand access of their data to a third party.

Therefore, he noted that those looking for the greatest security would be best served to keep their storage in-house.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler