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Rising budgets could lead to increase in uptake of address verification tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive

A significant majority of direct marketing agencies believe that their budgets are set to increase in the second half of 2010, new research shows.

The news could lead to an increase in the number of marketers looking to take advantage of address verification tools.

Indeed, the recent Marketing Agencies Association Agency Barometer suggests that there is a renewed optimism in the sector, with 87 per cent of those surveyed feeling positive about the future.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 75 per cent believe that new business opportunities are close by, while 83 per cent believe their marketing budget could increase by more than ten per cent.

"It is encouraging to see agencies are remaining confident and upbeat about their own businesses, from client budgets and staff numbers to new business opportunities," Scott Knox, director of the Marketing Agencies Association, said.

Patient News recently suggested that address verification software could be a vital tool for marketers in the dental industry, as direct mail is "vital" to the marketing mix.

Posted by Richard Jones