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Roadmap for cloud computing in the US published

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The TechAmerica Foundation has released its roadmap for cloud computing in the US, including 14 points for the advancement of the technology.

Four key areas are addressed in the roadmap – trust, transparency, transformation and transnational data flows – which the organization claims represents the key areas of importance for cloud computing.

It argues users must trust that the cloud can meet their "security, privacy and availability" needs and are provided with "relevant and reliable" information about the different cloud services on offer.

The foundation said the government has an integral role to play in advancing use of the cloud in the US, through changes in how it acquires technology, and introducing incentives to boost uptake and innovations in the area of cloud computing.

Michael Capellas, co-chair of the commission which created the document, said: "Faster adoption of cloud computing will strengthen the United States' leadership position in the global marketplace and ignite creation of jobs that will be in high demand over the next decade."

But despite the benefits of the cloud, companies are still concerned about the security risks.

According to research from InformationWeek Analytics, 73 per cent of IT decision makers are put off the cloud by security concerns.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler