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ROI can be improved by understanding data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers need to develop a better understanding of their data if they are to improve on the response rate of campaigns, it has been suggested.

Writing for DMNews, Beatriz Santin, marketing director for Experian QAS, claimed that by checking data quality collated from previous marketing efforts individuals can better plan future campaigns.

She suggests using the returned mail rate of the past campaigns as a benchmark, saying that "this way, you will determine the return rate for the campaign as well as true response rate and better set expectations for future campaigns".

"And don't forget to ensure this information is noted and corrected in your database," she explained in the article.

Furthermore, Ms Santin recommended taking time to spot data trends and ensuring that there is no bad data entering the system in the form of incorrect address data or ZIP Codes in mailing addresses.

Earlier this year, a report by Mailing Systems Technology highlighted the need for marketers to carry out data quality checks before embarking on direct mail campaigns.

Posted by Paul Newton