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Round-up of March news articles

Rachel Wheeler Archive

It should come as no surprise that data is becoming more important to companies. What was once seen as simple figures for record-keeping has exploded into big data - one of today's more buzz-worthy topics. As the dust settles on the exciting possibilities of advanced analytics, adopters are recognizing a number of important factors. Information doesn't always generate insights, more garbage in can simply mean more garbage out and the importance of data quality transcends size. 

Schools are looking to collect better data about their students to learn about trends and predict the currents that might be coming down the pipeline. Higher education institutions in particular are tapping into their databases and using digital content from social sites to evaluate student demographics and find more effective ways to attract individuals in the future. 

Insurance and financial services firms are likewise looking to big data to become more effective. Rather than relying on previous experiences to assess future risks, these companies are harnessing data and developing algorithms that indicate which customers are actually safe bets. 

Finally, marketers are continuing on their quests to harvest data about customers so they can launch highly targeted and personalized advertising campaigns that have the best chances of affecting recipients. 

The common thread between all of these industries is that they must verify the information coming in (through address management programs or otherwise), or their efforts may be steered in the wrong direction and fail to generate the desired results.