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SaaS driving investment in CRM

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Over the past few years, investment in software as a service (SaaS) has been described as the "engine" which keeps the CRM software industry running.

According to IT Business Edge, uptake of the technology throughout the global economic crisis has been good for sales of CRM software.

However, despite this the news provider claims that organizations are still failing to properly leverage all of their systems capabilities and thus not reaping the benefits of the customer relationship system.

As such, businesses are encouraged to learn the ins and outs of their particular system before implementing it fully, while hiring a consultant to explain the software was described as "useful".

"Take time to identify relevant business processes and look at the workflows associated with them," IT Business Edge reports.

"Let those processes help you determine your functionality and integration needs. SaaS CRM products offer varying levels of customization. You'll want to select one that matches up with your projected needs."

Posted by Paul Newman