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SaaS has 'many tangible benefits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Adopting software as a service (SaaS) technology will allow organizations to devote their full energy to other aspects of a business.

This is the view of Peter Yelle, partner at Contact Telecom LLC, who highlighted some of the positive benefits that implementing SaaS can have for a business.

Writing for Billing World, the expert explains that the technology gives businesses a totally self-supporting application that will not take valuable time away from IT departments.

"A SaaS allows you to devote your full energy to the task at hand. You no longer need to constantly navigate IT things like application security, version control, backup, administration, server maintenance and app support," he wrote.

"The SaaS model removes these daily tasks and lets you and your team be experts in your business."

Elsewhere, Mr Yelle recommends that organizations take the time to select the right SaaS system, ensuring that the software offers the right outputs and delivers data services in "near real time".

Posted by Rachel Wheeler