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'Same rules still apply' in direct marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Original principles of direct mail marketing still apply despite the increase in new technologies and the rise of the internet, according to an industry head.

The rules laid out by Lester Wunderman, the 'godfather' of direct marketing who coined the term 50 years ago, still apply to the sector today, a marketing expert has said.

Mark Thomson, media director at British mail carrier Royal Mail, said in an article for MarketingWeek that the "original tenets of interactive transactions and consumer dialogue have developed to underpin [a] myriad [of] direct marketing strategies, from the simple mailshot to targeted ads via mobile devices".

Mr Thomson added that the rules laid out by Wunderman stress an "understanding that direct marketing is not a tactic but a strategy. In other words, it's a commitment to acquiring and retaining valuable customers".

A recent study by direct marketing company DMS has shown that direct mail marketing has successfully survived the problems of the recent recession, emerging better than expected from the downturn