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Samples are a great way to boost the impact of direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers should include product samples for customers to try in their direct mail campaigns, it has been suggested.

According to an article by Deliver Magazine, sending a sample of their product is a great way for marketers to create "excitement" and can increase the likelihood of success.

Cindy Johnson, who worked as a corporate sampling programmes manager, explained to the publication why it works.

"It is the consumer-preferred method of marketing. [Consumers] are tuning out the advertising, [but] they love to try new things," she said.

"Consumers feel the sample gives them the actual experience of the product. They don't have to risk any investment to be able to try it."

Furthermore, Ms Johnson highlights the importance of targeting the right consumers when it came to sampling campaigns.

Earlier this year, Target Magazine reported that more detailed data quality from list content would play a key role in the outcome of direct mail campaigns this year.

An Opinion Research Corporation survey demonstrated the power sampling can have with 81 per cent of respondents saying that they would try products that were sent to them.