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San Antonio internet users at 'highest risk' of cybercrime

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Address data is likely to be at most risk of being misused by criminals in the US cities of San Antonio, Tampa and Atlanta, which are ranked as the three cities where consumers are least secure online.

Overall, Americans are most likely to have unsecure mobile habits, according to the research by AVG Technologies, which set out to uncover the cities that are the most at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Three-quarters of those polled do not back-up their cell phone's data, compared to just 23 per cent who make the same mistake with their desktop PC.

Worryingly, 38 per cent admitted to sharing their online passwords with at least one other person, which demonstrates the need for consumers to be more vigilant about safeguarding their data, according to AVG chief executive JR Smith.

He added: "Consumers are getting smarter about online threats but still fail to connect the dots when it comes to understanding that today’s climate requires users protect any device that is internet enabled."

The cities at the least risk of online threats were Miami (32nd), Cincinnati (33rd), New York (34th) and Minneapolis (35th), the survey revealed.

Posted by Paul Newton