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Scalability and cost are key cloud drivers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Scalability and cost have been identified as the key drivers for cloud-based data management solutions, a survey has revealed.

Research by North Bridge Venture Partners, in collaboration with GigaOM Pro and The 451 Group, revealed that IT organizations view cloud computing as an effective way to realize new applications in order to keep up with the rapid pace of new business demands.

Over a third of firms have already adopted cloud computing solutions for data management, while 26 per cent are awaiting market maturity before embracing the technology.

"The respondents' interests in developing cloud-based solutions for new areas that will also support mobility and competitive advantage in the future are challenging organizations to think differently about their IT strategies, deployment of resources and how to invest smartly in the cloud," said Michael Skok, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners.

Alex Teh, the commercial director of Vigil Software, said that cloud computing provides organizations of all sizes with the infrastructure required to grow without the need for capital.

Posted by Richard Jones