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Schools advised to check data quality for direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Schools have been advised to check their data for bad addresses and incomplete information in order to improve their direct marketing campaigns.

Organizations that are finding an increasing amount of returned mail should clean their in-house lists to maximize resource efficiency.

Reaching out to new recipients and broadening your base of possible candidates were also two ways that schools could improve their mail campaigns, according to USADATA.

The importance of clean lists and data quality in customer information was highlighted again earlier this month by Experian vice-president Mike Yapuncich, who said in a report for that one of the easiest ways to increase positive returns on mail campaigns was to "clean your list".

"One time-tested mailing practice that will help marketers is to run a national change of address program as close to the mail date as possible…This remains the single most effective tool mailers should used to improve response while reducing waste," he added.