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Schools 'require address verification technology'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US schools are spending too long managing student address data, an activity which could be made more efficient by adopting fully automated systems, it has been claimed.

According to education technology provider Pearson, address verification is critical for schools and districts to ensure that reports cards, newsletters, and other important information sent by mail is deliverable to a valid address.

The group added that institutions must also validate that a student's address falls within school and district boundaries in accordance with local regulations.

Bryan MacDonald, chief technology officer of the school systems group at Pearson, commented: "Schools today are spending countless hours managing student address data, a process that is prone to user error, costing schools time and money."

Earlier this week, Arnold Jackson, associate director for the 2010 decennial census programs, told the Christian Science Monitor, that the US Census Bureau is making use of state-of-the art technology to ensure its readings are accurate for the 2010 survey.