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Search engines are 'important for e-commerce'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new study suggests that search engines currently play an important role in e-commerce.

ComScore, an analyst firm, questioned over 1,000 consumers in their research which aimed to look at the way people looked for products online.

According to the results, the first thing 18 per cent of people do is search using one of the many popular engines.

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that social networking sites play a small part in e-commerce, with only two per cent of consumers using the likes of Facebook or Twitter to seek out products.

The ComScore study also suggests that people are becoming more confident with online purchases, as the number of people who research products on the internet and then head to the high street to make a purchase is falling.

"We've witnessed retailers getting better at providing a robust on-site search experience," John Federman, president of Searchandise Commerce, said.

"It makes sense that consumers have come to rely upon the rich information provided by retail sites and that marketers embrace this new reality."

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