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Sears gives shoppers Christmas bonus with free shipping

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Sears Holding Corp has announced that it is to offer free shipping on many orders placed through its online retail sites.

Consumers spending above $99 on and over $49 on between October 30th and December 19th will be eligible for the free service.

The offer can be accessed through the web sites or via the dedicated smartphone apps provided for iPhones, Android devices and BlackBerry handsets.

Imran Jooma, president of e-commerce at Sears, says the firm is always looking at new ways to help consumers during the holiday season.

"We are constantly improving our customer service and overall shopping experience, which is why we're offering multiple wallet-friendly ways to shop, purchase, and receive items, all on the customer's own terms," he added.

A recent survey conducted by BIGresearch suggested the online spending is set to increase in the build-up to Christmas, when compared to last year's holiday season.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler