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Security a concern with growing mobile use

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies need to think carefully about how their data management processes can ensure the security of data accessed on consumer technology.

This is the view of Nicko van Someren, Plus Good Technology's chief technical officer, who says there is a "great desire to liberate the workforce" by allowing them to use iPads, tablets and smartphones as part of their working processes.

The problem for IT departments is how these devices can be allowed to access corporate information without compromising the overall security of the data.

"When you allow enterprise data to exit the perimeter of the classic firewall controls, particularly when you allow that data to reach a mobile device that belongs to the end user rather than as issued by the company, you open up a whole stack of new risks," he said.

An earlier report from analysts at Gartner has also highlighted the security dangers presented by use of the smartphone.

Posted by Paul Newton