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Security a major issue for mobile device users

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers need to make sure that their websites are as safe as possible for mobile handsets, as security is now a major concern for cell phone users.

The latest report from AdaptiveMobile shows that 68 per cent of cell phone users cite the protection of information as the most important function for mobile operators - the first time that demand has eclipsed desire for better call quality.

AdaptiveMobile says that this shows just how important mobile internet usage has become, and how aware the public is becoming about the threats it presents.

Brian Collins, chief executive officer of AdaptiveMobile, said that mobile users see their service carriers as the "safety net" in this environment.

"Carriers have a great opportunity to take steps to cement this trust. Those carriers that fail to see this as an opportunity to differentiate will risk losing customers," he added.

According to Voice and Data, around 30 million Americans used their mobile phones to access financial accounts in the last quarter of 2010, up 54 per cent from the same time period in the previous year.

Posted by Paul Newton