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Security alternatives are essential for businesses

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Organizations need to consider alternative ways to prevent malware than just relying on anti-virus software, it has been claimed.

Graham Ahearne, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) technical product manager at Symantec, has said that firms could be putting their data management systems at risk from infection even if their software is only out of date by a few hours.

He claimed that it is typical for security vendors to add in excess of 20,000 new signatures to their anti-virus definitions each day.

"What that means is that even if your definitions as a user are out of date by a day or even a couple of hours, there is a lot of malware that'll appear on the internet that you're potentially open to attack from," Mr Ahearne said.

He added that alternatives must be considered to protect systems.

Meanwhile, a survey by Aveksa revealed that 49 per cent of organizations said that unauthorized application access was their biggest data management security concern.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler