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Security breaches are 'set to continue'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Security attacks on data management and storage systems, such as those recently experienced by Paypal and Amazon, are likely to continue for some time, it has been claimed.

Alex Fidgen, a director at MWR InfoSecurity, explained that targeted security attacks have become an industry-wide problem, so it is unlikely that they will become less frequent in the foreseeable future.

His comments follow recent reports that the FBI has arrested 16 people on allegations of computer hacking.

Of those detained, 14 are suspected of the attack on Paypal, which was claimed by hacking group Anonymous.

Mr Fidgen claimed that people and organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on companies without any evidence of the steps they have taken to protect data management systems.

"One thing that is actually certain is we're not going to see incidences such as these diminish. They are for the time being only going to increase, because I think there is an industry-wide problem," he added.

Posted by Richard Jones