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Security of data management is crucial

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Small firms are not taking security threats to data management solutions seriously enough, a new study has revealed.

Research commissioned by document destruction company Shred-it and undertaken by researcher IPSOS found that of the 1,000 UK businesses surveyed, a third fail to train employees on company data security policies.

A further 38 per cent only provide data management security rules on an ad hoc basis.

The survey also revealed that 22 per cent of firms considered themselves 'not at all aware' or 'not very aware' of their legal obligations to keep information stored in the databases secure.

Half of small firms believed that the loss or theft of information from their data management systems would have no impact on their business.

"Ignorance is no defense in the eyes of the law," said Robert Guice, executive vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Asia for Shred-it.

"Businesses need to wake up quickly to the fact that failures to store and dispose of confidential information in a secure manner could have far-reaching and potentially financially damaging impacts upon their operations," he warned.

This view was also echoed by Alex Teh, the commercial director of Vigil Software.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler