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Security scares 'holding back business from cloud'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses are holding back from joining cloud computing due to recent high-profile security scares.

Sony, Amazon and Google have all experienced problems with security but, according to technology firm Flexsys, cybercriminals are largely unconcerned with where data is hosted.

As such, many companies who have their data stored on-site are at as much of a risk as those who store information in the cloud.

The comments come as technology giant Apple has announced its cloud based platform, dubbed iCloud.

It is thought that the service will primarily be used for streaming rumours, with the potential to revolutionize how music is acquired and distributed.

Flexsys suggested that managing directors who are making use of cloud services for their personal music enjoyment might be more likely to consider shifting some of their business applications to the cloud.

Furthermore, many firms might be unaware of their current reliance on cloud computing, since services like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are all hosted email providers, while Google Docs is another similar cloud provision.