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Security software for mobile devices launched by McAfee

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Internet security specialist McAfee has released new software to protect the growing number of mobile devices that are being used to make purchases from online retailers.

Tablets and smartphone usage has grown dramatically in the past year, with online merchants having to adjust their sites to make them mobile-friendly, such as ensuring address validation software continues to function as normal.

To assist with security, McAfee now provides dedicated software to protect these devices from the threat of viruses, malware and other harmful programs that can compromise security.

John Dasher, senior director of mobile security for McAfee, said that as mobile usage "explodes", so does the threat level.

"If McAfee's historical experience analyzing threats on numerous platforms is any indication, we believe that the emerging mobile malware we are seeing today is just the beginning," he said.

Mobile consultant Rob Thurner believes that online retailers "cannot afford" to continue to ignore cell phone accessibility when it comes to website design and functionality.

Posted by Paul Newton