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Self-service email verification for the self-sufficient email marketer

The What

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our new end-to-end, self-service email verification service. This straightforward process allows you to quickly cleanse an email list file to be verified, receive a summary report that breaks down your valid, invalid and unknown results, and pay via credit card—right from our website.

The Why

When you’re already devoting your 110 percent into overseeing and taking care of your business, the last thing you need is invalid email addresses interfering with email marketing campaigns, negatively affecting your sender reputation and ultimately costing you valuable manpower and time.

At Experian Data Quality, we understand your drive to succeed. You’re on a mission—and we can help you achieve it. Harmful email addresses in your database will hurt your sender reputation—all of which are monitored by the big league Internet Service Providers (ISPs)—and the lower your reputation, the more likely your emails will get filtered to the junk folder.

Emails are central components to today’s marketing campaigns. In fact, email has been named the most important communication channel today. Today’s digitally-connected, multi-screen user expects businesses to connect with them through their preferred channel, and that interaction starts with an accurate, complete email address.

The How

In just three easy steps, you can start improving your email database and get back to running your business. Right through our website, you can upload your data file. We’ll notify you when your verified list along with its summary report is ready to be downloaded and we will guide you through the checkout process. Simple to use and easy to get started, Experian Data Quality’s one-time email verification service will help you improve your marketing campaigns, elevate sender reputation and ultimately increase your ROI.

Ready to get rid of harmful and costly email addresses and get back to business?
Visit to get started today.

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