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Setting up an e-commerce platform can be 'daunting'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Business looking for the right e-commerce solution for their online retail stores have been advised that they need to take into account a number of factors.

According to a guidance piece on, businesses will be faced with a ''daunting'' task when searching for a suitable online platform.

''When reviewing e-commerce software, you should expect some bare necessities like an online admin panel, the ability to customize portions of your storefront, the ability to accommodate one currency, an email account, the ability to sell down-loadable products,'' the site recommends.

However, the news provider adds that the best e-commerce retailers are the ones that go ''above and beyond'' to offer the best customer service.

Integrating services such as a blog or customizing the design of their site can go a long way to helping businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Meanwhile, recently reported that consumers now expect more and more out of the e-commerce sites where they shop.

Posted by Richard Jones