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ShipGooder surpasses 1m rate searches

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Shipping rate search engine ShipGooder has announced it has been used more than one million times since the beginning of this year.

The website uses zip code software to provide a breakdown of all the different shipping rates available in a user's area, comparing local firms with major organizations such as the United States Postal Service and FedEx.

Users can use the web service by entering their ZIP Code and the weight of the package they wish to send, whereupon a comprehensive list of options is provided.

Nancy Chafee, vice-president of marketing for ShipGooder, said: "This is significant not only from the standpoint of ShipGooder's popularity and success, but also from the perspective of every single dollar our users have saved in shipping costs."

The business is also now using social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to promote the service.

In other zip code software news, Illinois news station WSIL TV Ameren is beginning to offer power outage updates to local residents via handheld devices.