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Shipping rates comparison data available from ShipGooder

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customers looking for the best deals for shipping parcels and packages could use a new online price comparison search engine from ShipGooder.

The company's new service, Rapid Rate Search, is designed to help people look for the most competitive shipping rates in their local area quickly and efficiently, with savings of 20 per cent possible, reports Advertiser Talk.

In addition, zip code software can single out post offices and other facilities that are nearest to the user, potentially saving time as well as money.

The search engine can be particularly useful for businesses looking to use local courier services and take advantage of lower prices than those sometimes available from national and international brands.

ShipGooder's service works by processing the origin and final destination ZIP Codes of packages, as well as the weight of the parcel, before offering a list of the various prices and companies in the region that offer courier services.

In related news, the United States Postal Service has renewed a delivery alliance with FedEx Express that guarantees date-certain mail deliveries around the world, according to Logistics Management.