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SIIA: Data management rules holding back growth

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) has called for international trade groups to back new data management standards.

According to the group, business growth and innovation would receive a significant boost if there was a group of recognized principles that helped data flow more freely across borders, Information Management reports.

The SIIA has partnered with the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) to set out its mandate, which includes the elimination of local data infrastructure mandates, promotion of best practices and transparency of government regulations on data transfers.

In addition, the groups want to see agreement on security and intellectual property measures and the end of national restrictions on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Mark MacCarthy, vice-president for public policy at the SIIA, says the principles would unlock the potential of virtualized networks.

"The problem with the cloud is that its real advantages come from the efficient aggregation of data, and if you're dealing with countries that say you need to have data and data centers within their borders, you lose those efficiencies," he told the website.

A poll by CIO magazine recently revealed that 83 per cent of firms are using some form of virtualized network.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler