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Silver Tequila calls for consumer feedback

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Drinks brand 901 Tequila, founded by music superstar Justin Timberlake, is looking for promotional advice from consumers.

The company has already used address data to carry out direct marketing schemes and placed adverts in the media, but it is keen to supplement these with new ideas suggested by the drink's primary customer base, reports PR Week.

Intended to appeal to men and women aged between 21 and 35, the product's latest promotions are being planned. The brand wants consumers to send in their ideas to the official website for a chance to become executive vice-president of big ideas, which would be a voluntary position.

Kevin Ruder, president of 901, told the website: "We want to generate ideas but also let consumers know how we're different. We're a small brand and we don't answer to shareholders, so we can communicate more directly with our consumers."

The company is also using the internet extensively, with promotions on websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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