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Single hybrid cloud predicted for future

Rachel Wheeler Archive
While private and public cloud services are becoming more common, one news provider has predicted a switch towards a single hybrid cloud in the future.

DCIG noted that this is the general opinion, although there is also a chance that the three cloud types will all be present for "some time to come".

Cloud computing allows users to access data and programs remotely, potentially reducing costs and space.

The news source noted that each cloud type has a specific function that is likely to prolong its existence.

Private clouds can be "highly scalable" solutions, sitting behind a firewall, while the public sits outside of the firewall and the hybrid transcends both of these along data to move "seamlessly" between each.

In addition to these cloud changes, DCIG suggested that data center automation is likely to become more popular due to the fact that the next generation of computer hardware and software will only require generalists to manage them, rather that the current need to have specialists in deployment, management and support.