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Small businesses address postal price hikes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Small businesses in Florida are battling against the added cost of postal stamp price hikes in the recession, it has been revealed.

According to the Associated Press, the price of a first-class stamp went up by two cents to 44 cents last month, causing many small firms to think about how they can send letters, cards and packages more cheaply.

Writing for the news provider, Joyce Rosenberg stated that companies should be able to negotiate a price for posting packages, especially if it has a large number of letters or packages to mail.

She went on to say that these firms must convince staffers of the need to find cheaper ways of shipping, by teaching them not to use the most expensive overnight service or stressing the importance of using a combination of a 44-cent stamp and a 17-cent stamp on a two-ounce letter.

Last week, IT services provider IBM stated that grocery industry retailers in the US are not entirely certain about the accuracy of their customers' addresses, which can restrict the business opportunities that can become available to them.