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Small businesses can benefit from cost-effective nature of SaaS

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Software as a service (SaaS) technology is benefiting from its cost-effective nature, with an increase in demand worldwide, it has been claimed.

According to Natterbow, which pioneers Voice SaaS software, there will be an uptake in the service as more organizations realize its potential benefits.

The company said that the nature of the technology allows for greater scope, value and resilience.

Neil Hammerton, chief executive officer of Natterbox, explained that small businesses in particular stood to gain a large amount from implementing the software.

"For a relatively low cost, small business can improve the management of their incoming calls and messaging systems in a really significant way," he confirmed.

The comments come after new research from Gartner suggested that 95 per cent of businesses would maintain or increase their use of SaaS in the future, with its low cost the biggest attraction for them.

SaaS is software that is deployed over the internet and is designed to run behind a company's firewall.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler