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Small businesses can use email to reach a 'wider audience'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing can be particularly useful in helping small businesses gain an edge in a competitive retail landscape, it has been argued.

Georgia Christian of Mail Blaze has claimed that many small companies will be able to reach a large audience by adopting the strategy, which she notes is also very cost effective.

Added to this the expert also suggested that organizations would be able to improve their customer relations through email marketing as it can help them build "lasting relationships".

"With each permission-based email campaign that your recipient opens, you are effectively establishing a trusting relationship with them," said Ms Christian in an article for Marketing Web.

"Your email messages will, over time, make your customers feel as though they are an important part of your company."

Meanwhile, marketers may also be interested in recent comments suggesting that they should look to take advantage of social media in their email marketing campaigns.

Highlighting the top trends for email in the new year, Small Business Computing has suggested that social media will be viewed by small companies as a way to extend and enhance their marketing.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler