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Small businesses 'could be lacking in security resources'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Small businesses might want to consider outsourcing their management of cloud data as it has been suggested that their internal resources could be insufficient to deal with security.

Subbu Lyer, senior director of products and application lifecycle management software at Hewlett-Packard, remarked that smaller firms could find it hard to scrap together an internal information security team.

This could be problematic when shifting to cloud computing, since security is of significant importance.

Mr Lyer explained that security is a "huge risk" for first-time cloud users.

He added: "IDC put out a survey last year which said the top three inhibitors to the move to the cloud for organizations is performance, availability and security. Security was number one on that list – it's a huge concern.

"If you're moving a critical business process completely onto the cloud, the first area that CIOs [chief information officers] are concerned with is, 'Is it secure?'"