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Small-town post office set to close

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents of the town of Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania are angry after it was announced that the town's post office is set to close.

The town, situated in the western region of the state, previously had its own ZIP code as well as its own postal office, the Central Daily Times reported.

In the 1970s, the office was downgraded to a 'branch office' and merged with the neighbouring town of Bellefonte, resulting in the people of Pleasant Gap losing their ZIP code.

Many people believe this move paved the way for the closure, making it easier to close the department down, with residents' postal boxes being relocated to Bellefonte.

Carl Hill, a resident of the town who has decided to try and save the post office, told the Central Daily Times that the closure "would be a hardship for a lot of people".

Mr Hill, who has already collected nearly 500 signatures, also said that the residents had not been properly informed and added: "Nothing was posted ... probably 95 per cent of the people I talked to that morning had no idea it was closing."

According to supporters of the branch, it did not appear in the list of departments earmarked for possible closure by the Postal Service's Postal Regulatory Commission in July this year.