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'Smarter' rack solutions popular in data centers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Smarter racks with a greater number of features appear to be increasing in popularity in data centers around the world.

This is according to the latest Global Data Center Rack Market report for 2010 to 2014 from Technavio.

The paper shows that the market as a whole is expected to grow by 13.5 per cent, driven primarily by increased network infrastructure spending.

A need for faster access to data over networks is prompting this increase in expenditure, which a huge rise experienced by many companies by the amount of organizational data being transferred.

The analysts forecast that by 2014 the global market will be worth $1,228 million as firms deploy more and more data centers.

However, it was also noted the rapid evolution of technology within the data center sector is prompting some firms to hold off on their purchases of new hardware, which could pose some challenges in the market's growth.

Meanwhile, the integration of server cooling within the rack structure is also becoming more common.