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Smartphone stats highlight data management issues

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New statistics have revealed that data consumption on smartphones has rocketed in the last 12 months.

Nielsen revealed that US smartphone data usage has increased by 89 per cent in the last year, showing the importance of data management by highlighting the huge levels of information consumers demand.

Smartphone users, particularly those with iPhones or Android devices are consuming more data than ever before on a per-user basis, the study revealed.

"Even as data usage has almost doubled, most users are paying around what they did a year ago for data. That translates to a lower cost per unit of data consumed," explained Don Kellogg, senior manager of telecom research and insights.

The "tsunami" of data consumed by smartphone users highlights the importance of effective data management as it brings to the fore the ever-growing volumes of information businesses have to deal with.

Recently, Timo Elliot, an employee of SAP BusinessObjects said that mobile business intelligence is an "extremely powerful tool" to make data management more efficient.

Posted by Paul Newton