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Smartphone use 'driving QR code adoption'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The growing uptake of smartphones among consumers has meant that quick response (QR) codes are becoming more important within email marketing.

A recent study by Nielsen predicted that that 50 per cent of mobile subscribers will be smartphone users by 2011 - that means that there will be around 142.8 million total users by the end of the year.

Melanie Attia, email marketing expert and product manager for Campaigner, believes that this has sparked a trend of QR code adoption by a number of US-based businesses in their email marketing strategies, reports.

"QR codes are small, easy to print and extremely low cost. Email marketers can code these 2D barcodes with direct links to email subscription opt-in pages," the news provider added.

Marketers can add these QR codes to a variety of different media, including in magazine ads, on clothing, at point of sale, on business cards, or any printed literature.

"The benefit is that customers can quickly opt-in to your list without having to remember your website or landing page address - which is why the technology is popular as a URL shortener."

Posted by Paul Newman