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Smartphones pose data security risk

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Businesses that require employees to use smartphones could benefit from tightening up their security procedures after the devices were flagged up as a potential target for criminals.

According to Get Safe Online, high-end mobile handsets are comparable to many desktop PCs.

As a result, they can hold lots of data that could be seen as "valuable" by thieves and fraudsters.

Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online, noted that some smartphones are also being targeted by criminals in other ways.

"We're seeing applications being used from app stores on some of the phones which are susceptible to having attacks made against them using different applications," he commented.

Mr Neate noted that handsets that use the Android operating system are among the most vulnerable to this type of attack.

He was speaking after the Centre for Cyber Security said data security needs to be at the center of a how a business conducts its day-to-day operations.

Posted by Paul Newton