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Smartphones presenting increasing data security risk

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies should consider amending their data management processes to tighten security around use of mobile devices, in light of new research.

A study by Credant Technologies has revealed more than 2,200 cell phones turned up in the lost and found departments of 15 of the busiest shopping malls in the US this year, 90 per cent of which were smartphones.

Furthermore, 50 per cent of the handsets were never claimed and many were unsecured.

With the number of workers using their smartphones to access corporate data on the go rising all the time, unsecured mobile devices could present a serious risk to data security.

Sean Glynn, vice-president of marketing at Credant, told MarketWatch: "People store large amounts of private data, whether personal or corporate on all of the devices they have.

"You really should be sensitive about protecting that data."

IT research group Gartner recently suggested many firms will be rethinking their data management processes due to the rising use of smartphones in the workplace.

Posted by Paul Newton