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Smartphones revolutionize data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Smartphones are having a "massive impact" on data management and how businesses are run in the current climate, it has been claimed.

Heather McLean, editor of Smart Gorillas, an online mobile news publication, said that mobile devices have transformed, and continue to impact, the way companies conduct their business and their employees.

"Flexible working, aided by smart phones, is definitely on the rise. Smartphones are actually making it possible for more companies to work flexibly, as they open up access to company networks and files in an affordable way," she explained.

Ms McLean said that the work environment has been changed by the devices, which include smartphones and tablets, as they give employees a way to access data management systems on the move.

Her comments follow the release of the iWork software from Apple, which allows users to create, edit and send word, spreadsheet and PowerPoint documents from their phone.

Posted by Richard Jones