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SMEs 'need to get marketing basics right'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could lose money if they fail to execute a marketing strategy properly, an expert has warned.

According to accountant and international conference speaker Mike Ogilvie, a promotional campaign can be a "massive profit robber" if a firm has not grasped the basics.

As a result, he believes SMEs should focus primarily on delivering a high standard of customer service.

"Get that so right that people talk about you locally, as well as over the internet," Mr Ogilvie commented.

He said that if businesses make customer care a priority, they will not need to spend as much on marketing, as they will gain a positive word-of-mouth reputation.

"Your fans will do your marketing for you," Mr Ogilvie added.

This comes after a survey by mBlox found that most smartphone users do not want to receive text messages or in-app advertising on their handsets, while just 15.4 per cent are happy to get this content.

Posted by Richard Jones